Friday, October 11, 2013

DIY Redneck Party

Heys everybody! We's havin' ourselves' a lil' redneck partay!
Won't yous come n join us?!

Okay, okay, I'll stop the hill billy talk. ;)

For my brother James' 19th birthday, he just wanted a low key, hangout with his friends and family kind of day. But since it was his special day, I couldn't just not help him celebrate, so I worked on setting the mood!
The idea we agreed on was to keep the party stress free, cheap, and totally guy friendly. We found some awesome ideas that inspired us on Pinterest and you can check them out on my redneck themed Pinterest board. From there we took a little creative license to make the ideas our own, and a budget friendly, laid back, and fun party theme was born!

 While brainstorming ideas, I kept going back to your typical "redneck" stereotypes and how we could easily incorporate those things to give our party the right vibe. One of the best ideas I came up with was your everyday clothes line. Now lots of folks use an outdoor clothes line, especially in the summer! There is no shame in that, but it did fit our theme and made such a huge statement! To take it a step further we used clothes from the "rag bag," which were all items too torn, stained, old, etc, to wear. Nice clothes just wouldn't have the same impact.

Remember when singing fish were popular? Luckily my parents still had theirs, because these were the PERFECT addition! They sung, they moved, and every time someone walked by and didn't realize they were on, was priceless. Don't be afraid to take this party to the level of extremely tacky, that's what it's all about! Not that singing fish are tacky or anything. ;)

Pinterest was a direct influence on this one. When I saw the "Cat Found!" poster, I knew we needed to have our own version. We also took it a step further and put out the kennel the "cat" supposedly resided in. It just added a little something extra to the decor that we already had on hand. Finding everyday things that fit the need is what this idea is all about!

Did you think the possum fun ended there? Nope! We printed out this hilly billy version of the classic "Pin the tail on the donkey" and when we accidentally left out an S, we just rolled with it and left it like that. Duct tape also adds to the authenticity.

Now I'm sure you're wondering about the wheelbarrow from the top photo. While we saw wheelbarrows used in many different ways, this one worked for us best- as a drink station! We added the tub in the middle since the wheelbarrow itself has a nice hole in the bottom, but it worked perfectly as a stand! And who cares about tossing out the cans? Just throw them on the ground to add a touch of "trashy" to your decor.

Psst!...See those undies in the background? They make me giggle every time I see this picture. :)

Now every yard should have a bird feeder for the sweet little birdies to visit. Ours just happens to be a plunger! Works perfectly doesn't it? And when the party is over, just leave the food for the birds to find, and put that plunger back to's intended use!

Speaking of potty humor, you know what makes a great planter? A toilet. As it just so happens, my good old Dad is a plumber and had a few old pots that we could use for this event. But don't forget the flowers, this is a classy event, only the prettiest flowers for our potties!

Not everyone is going to have a spare toilet laying around, so for those who don't (or are too squeamish to use one), one of the best games we played was toilet seat toss. It's exactly like a game of Horseshoes, but with a toilet seat! Everyone loved this game and to play, all your need is a *new* toilet seat and something to toss the seat around/at. Much cheaper and definitely cleaner!

 Any country music lover knows the song Red Solo Cup, by Toby Keith, and my brother (pictured above), is no exception. The newest trend mixes the ever classy solo cup and a candle stick holder to make this bad boy of a beverage holder. I DIYed this one with a reusable red solo cup from Bed Bath & Beyond and a candle stick from a local Dollar Store. A little epoxy to hold the two together and you've got yourself one heck of a redneck red solo cup! It made an excellent birthday gift to one very happy dude.

 So you're probably wondering why there is a soda box instead of a piñata. Well friends, our "redneck piñata" was cheaper and way more fun. We stuffed a soda box with just about anything we could find from around the house, hotel soaps, crazy straws, hard candies, marsh mellows, Twinkies, Ho Hos, and popcorn. If you want to put real prizes in it you can, but we were sticking with our thrifty and cheap theme. Streamers in red, blue, and Winnie the Pooh, coming off the end finished off the festive look. Use what you have on hand and get a laugh out of it!

This is definitely one of those party themes you just want to take to the max and have fun with. Get your guests to dress up, play funny games, eat stereotypical "redneck" food. This could easily morph from a theme for a birthday party, to a baby shower, or even an Christmas party! Finally, I highly suggest checking out the Pinterest board I put together because it has some really great game ideas, ideas for decorations, and resources for if you don't want to make your own items.

Now before you go, don't forget to....

Yes, those are shotgun shells I'm using a curlers. And guess what? They worked too!

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  1. Oh my goodness, this is hilarious, creative, and so much fun! You guys had to have a blast. LOVE This!

  2. Had to click on your link at the Inspire Me Linkup - this is hilarious!! I love theme parties, and you definitely pulled yours off beautifully!!

    Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty

  3. It looks like your family had a lot of fun! The toilet made me laugh. As I read, I wondered where you got it. My father is a plumber too. LOL

  4. He, he. So funny to see this from the point of an Aussie. I soooo want to go to a redneck party now!